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New Single Out Now

REMIX due July 11th

Add "Amaze Me" to your Spotify or Deezer Playlist to listen now!

The cover of the new single from the recording artist Verhel

The world has been waiting for an artist like Verhel. Sexy, deep, ethereal and undeniably the next thing, Emerging from the soul and jazz incubator of Minneapolis, Verhel eventually teamed up with BLAZE BEATS to develop and sculpt her sound.

Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, Model, Vocalist, music is only the beginning for this multi-hyphenate artist. She mesmerizes her audience with every move she makes, every song she sings, often with just one look.

Like so many Minneapolis icons of music, Verhel's tantalizing sound transcends genre while incorporating an array of complex vibes. Her ethereal voice is both beautiful and haunting leaving you to wonder why you didn't know about her sooner. 

In the studio now, working on hit after hit. “Amaze Me,” is her first massive single.


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