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The world needs a production company that breaks through the industry with fresh sounds and innovative artists. The world needs a Record Label that can re-invent the way we consume music and it's influance. The world needs BLAZE BEATS

Capitalizing on years of proven experience in the industry, our Artists are developed and groomed by the best of the best to be the best. By leveraging resources gathered over a lifetime in the business, Blaze Beats land feature slots for our artist with the biggest names in the industry as well as  produce epic full-length albums and hit single after hit single. Everyone at Blaze Beats stays in the studio and remains prolific, guaranteeing a steady stream of music.


Blaze Beats is more than a studio production house. It’s founding members Tian and Untouchable, are both seasoned stage performers, having performed all over the world with the best musicians in the business. They know live performance, and the power it can command. Live shows, either from a single artist, or “fam style” where several Blaze Beats artists go on stage to support each other, is a cornerstone element of our approach. Every Blaze Beat artist is fully developed to present a unique and specialized persona.


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