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Julianna Beltran is Music's  next Superstar

Juliana Beltran is what's next


Born in Bogotá, Colombia, and trained in the most prestigious  music schools in the US, Juliana has quickly risen above all others to be at the brink of Superstardom. Having various spanish language single releases over the past few months Julianna has developed a dedicated following. 


With over 1.5 million views on Youtube and 2,000,000 streams on Spotify, Julianna is definitely the next big thing, and Blaze Beats is Excited to show off her talents! 

Stay tuned to find out what is next from this iconic artist, and newest member of the Blaze Beats fam.

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The New REMIX from Verhel is out NOW on all streaming services! Add it to your playlist.

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No Me Llamas - Pepper Solana
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Congratulations to Pepa for being added to the Radio Latino Playlist on Deezer! 

Stream her music now on Deezer and Spotify

Deezer Radio Latino Playlist

Excited for AjnaCA and the new single he just released. While not a Blaze Beats artist, he is still part of the Fam and we want to congratulate him on the release of his new video 

"Take Me Back"


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